• 9 December، 2021
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Our convoy security specialists are highly trained and all process exceptional skills and experience from operating in changing environments. QF convoy team compositions range from all-expatriate staffed team to a combination of expatriate and local nationals depending on the clients’ specific requirements.

QF Security Services ensures employees are apolitical and strictly professional. We design and apply the required security plans to protect sites, convoys, VIP personals, movable and non-movable property, secure the communication routes. Captions by using a specialist team highly experienced with security monitoring, control and information systems.

QF providing armored vehicles overseas regions with the best quality. QF armored vehicles utilize only the highest quality materials, including bespoke armored protection to combat the clients existing threat. With our certified high weight armored vehicles we protect our clients and still retain the drive-ability and dynamics of the vehicles.

QF movement teams are equipped with vehicles tracking system to offer immediate back services of our Quick Reaction Force. This allows real time satellite tracking of each convoy vehicle.

Convoy vehicles escorted by our Armed Protection Teams. The principal client’s vehicle also provided when required with two discreet security professionals assigned for personal protection until the destination reached.


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